Henan Tinde Power Co.; Ltd. promises as follows for the product quality and service:

1. The company employs the latest national, international, occupation and enterprise standards for product quality. we carry out ISO9001:2008 quality management system. On the premise of scientific and normal installation, the company takes full responsibility for the product quality and the product quality warranty is one year. Under normal running condition of working temperature of cable conductor, the product is able to work for more than 30 years.

2. Deliver time promise: according to the supply contract signed by the two parties.

3. Technical service and after sale service to customers: in order to establish product quality and service supervision mechanism and make sure to provide high quality products and excellent service to users, the company will provide the following technical service and after sale service to customers. Now make promise as follows:

3.1 Before sale:We will reply to customers' inquiry as soon as possible, provide sincere service and best solutions to any technical questions. We will send professional technical person to the construction site to reconnaissance survey the layout environment as well as type selection and installation of cables if customer requests.

3.2 In sale: During production of cable, the company will invite relevant technicians to supervise and inspect the products. Meanwhile, we will provide relevant details of products in Chinese (or English), including data, structure diagram and working principle etc. The main inspection job would be finished in the factory.

3.3 After sale: further to do after-sale maintenance well, we hereby promise to customers as follows,

3.3.1 Each performance of our products conforms to corresponding national and international standards as well as relevant regulations for first-class products.

3.3.2 The company promises to keep the products in good repair for free for one year since the date of being checked and accepted by buyers. Also our professional technical person will be technical guidance and assistance for free according to clients’ request.

3.3.3 At the premise of proper installation and operation, the company will be responsible for any problems caused by product quality within the guarantee period.The products will be changed and repaired for free.And the company will be responsible for relevant loss.

3.3.4 When the guarantee period is over, the company will still provide best service to the customers if technical service were required, the company will dispatch technical person to the site within 48 hours after receiving the notification. The service is free. If the product equipment changing is required, the company will organize the production in time and offer the most preferential price.