10KV Class SC(B)11 series Dry-type Power Transformer - Tinde Cable
10KV Class SC(B)11 series Dry-type Power Transformer

10KV Class SC(B)11 series Dry-type Power Transformer

Resin composite materials adopting the most advanced stirring methods and vacuum thin film degassing stirring  methods, which make the mixture was stirred completely and remove air bubbles inside. Partial discharge of them is less than 5PC. High and low voltage coils are in a vacuum and pressure casting, the isolating resin not only have the characters of full encapsulation, but also has an interlayer between turns impregnation. Casting body has a dense solidified structure, which enable it flame-resistance, no explosion, and don’t pollute the environment.

NOTE: insulating material such as glass fiber wound coil having self-extinguishing properties, no arc because of short circuit arc, and resin will not produce toxic or harmful gases under high heat.

Casting resin with the filler vivo have small expansion coefficient difference, small curing shrinkage and internal stress. The cured product has high hardness. In high and low voltage coils of the inner and outer surfaces of the epoxy encapsulating layer, placed preformed reinforcing material, just like reinforced concrete has the same dense structure, and thus the mechanical strength greater than pure epoxy resin, can withstand sudden short-circuit of electric power without damage.

Low consumption: No-load loss in transformer decreased more than 20% comparing to SCB10, excellent energy-saving performance, economic operation, maintenance-free.

Low Noise: Product noise level lower 10-15 decibels than the current professional standard JB / T10088-2004 "6-220KV scale transformers sound level".


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