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10KV Class SC(B) 10 series Dry-type Power Transformer

10KV Class SC(B) 10 series Dry-type Power Transformer

The SC(B)10 series epoxy resin casting dry-type transformer is made of high-quality material and by advanced equipment. It has high reliability and long service time. Depending on the condition of the service environment, it can be configured with different levels of protection or no shell casing. It is suitable for high-rise buildings, shopping center, airport, chemical plant, nuclear power plant, ships and other special conditions.

 Safe , fire-resistant, environmental friendly and can run directly on the load center

 Adopting Swiss T + M technology, high mechanical strength, strong capability to anti-short circuit, low partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability, long service life

 Low consumption, low noise and maintenance free

 Good heat dissipation performance, Strong over-load capability. It can run over a long time with 140% rated Ioad in the circumstance of cold wind.

 Excellent moisture resistance. It can run in a harsh and damp environment.

 Applies intelligent thermal controller and has the functions that it will alarm when there is fault or the temperature is exceeded and switch off as the function of ‘black box’.

 Small size and light weight and low installation cost

 High voltage winding conductor adopt oxygen-free copper foil of high conductivity, turn-to-turn insulation use class F insulation materials, inside and outside the windings are made with imported glass grid plate frame. Copper foil and turn insulation together in one time programming of high-pressure foil winding machine, computer controlled, laser positioning, outgoing lines are welded by automatic TIG, segmented winding, then placed in a mold, forming by cast resin with filler under vacuum condition.

 Low-voltage and high-voltage winding around the system using the same height copper foil, together with class F turn insulation winded on the low-voltage foil winding machine. When winding outgoing lines be drew forth, after copper bars welded by automatic TIG, putting bracing in windings to form cooling air flue., potting resin in the end, then solidity and molding.

 The iron core adopt high quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel, 45-degree miter joints and non-perforated iron yoke structure to ensure that low-load loss. Iron core clamping using domestic unmatched prestress, breathability square steel clamp structure. The stem using insulating tape banding, up and down clamp using inside pulling plate structure. The core surface using a special resin sealing process, thus increasing the structural strength and clamping force , while also reducing the noise.


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