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35KV class S9(11) series oil-immersed power transformers

35KV class S9(11) series oil-immersed power transformers

35kV power and distribution transformers, using the company's unique calculation procedures,The transformer core, coil, body, lead, fuel tank and other components are optimized to ensure the quality.Superior equipments, careful material selection and efficient production, makes the transformer with low loss, low, low noise characteristics of partial discharge, superior product quality, energy conservation, environmental protection, reliable running and effectively reduces the product operating cost.This product is suitable for power plant, substation, large industrial and petrochemical enterprises and other core construction.The core material is made of high quality and high magnetic cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and the core processing adopts the jogging-line shear, the whole diagonal step joint structure, no hole binding, and plate clamp structure.

High and low pressure coil integral package, design pressure uniform pressure, guaranteed coil axial strength.The inner coil is lined with a high strength phenolic paper tube,High and low pressure coil with internal and external bracing,The process ensures that the coil spokes are tight enough.

The exposed wires inside the transformer are insulated.Increase the support point of the lead and strengthen the strength of the lead bracket and the shell.The lead connection is cold.

crimping technology:The transformer wire is made of anoxic copper and high strength insulating material.

The transformer oil tank adopts barrel or bell type.The model "F" is the side blow air cooling type.Seal rubber adopts the "0" integral structure to ensure no leakage.

The bell cover is covered with a slope structure, leading to a gas relay.

The oil tank and the reinforced bar moulding, the top pressure of the padded block is 4 pieces, and the paint mark.

The transformer configuration is reasonable and beautiful, and the oil tank is painted with epoxy resin.The exterior paint uses  high quality silver powder paint.

he explosion-proof device of transformer adopts YSF8 pressure relief valve.


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