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S(B)H15 - M series amorphous alloy oil-immersed transformer

S(B)H15 - M series amorphous alloy oil-immersed transformer

Amorphous alloy is a new type of energy-saving material.Adopting rapid condensation process,Its physical state is shown as a disordered amorphous arrangement of metal atoms.It's completely different from the crystal structure of silicon steel,More conducive to magnetization and demagnetization.The thickness of the core plate is extremely thin, only 0.025mm, less than 1/10 of the commonly used silicon steel sheet.The transformer with amorphous alloy material as core is a new energy-saving product with high saturation magnetic induction intensity, low loss, low excitation current, good temperature stability and so on.The iron core is clamped with a sheet or frame structure.The high and low pressure coil is the rectangular structure.The non-crystal alloy transformer has low no-load loss, strong anti-short-circuit capability, advanced structure, energy-saving and environmental protection advantages.It is in line with the government's policy of "saving resources, protecting the environment and building a conservation-oriented society".It is the ideal distribution transformer with energy-saving effect.

The transformer core is made of amorphous alloy strip. The no-load loss is about 75% lower than that of the S9 transformer, and the no-load current is reduced by about 80%.

The low voltage of transformer adopts copper foil coil, which has strong resistance to sudden short circuit.

The transformer connection group adopts Dyn11 to reduce the influence of harmonics on the power grid and improve the power supply quality.

The transformer box adopts full sealing structure to extend service life and avoid maintenance.

The transformer adopts vacuum oil filling to completely eliminate the bubbles in the coil to ensure the stability of the insulation performance.

The peak voltage of each transformer is in line with the national standard full wave lightning shock test.Make sure the transformer is completely reliable.


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